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Crossing paths in a regular monthly meeting of the Bruin Professionals branch of the UCLA Alumni Association, Gary was intrigued by Lucy’s elevator pitch and decided to reach out for what Bruin Professionals call “a mini”. He was frankly amazed at the “Life Coach for Athletes'” life story, her accomplishments at such a young age, and the fact that she has made her life’s work helping athlete-minded people, of any age and in any sport, make that often difficult transition from a life dominated by their sport to life once their active playing days are over. 

Gary was instantly inspired, because he has also learned a few things about the elite athlete and life “after the glory.” Gary attended his first of six baseball fantasy camps in 2005. He expected to meet his baseball heroes, obtain photos and autographs, play a little baseball and that would be that. Gary never expected the lifelong friendships he made through camp. And he never dreamed he would have so many opportunities to just sit down over a meal or play a game of pool, NOT with baseball players, but with ordinary people.

The elite athlete gets to the upper echelon of his or her sport through incredibly hard work that starts as a child and usually dominates their young lives, often at the expense of their education and social lives. In other words, the end of an elite athlete’s career means the start of a life that will last many, many more years than the time spent on the field of play. Has such an athlete prepared for life “after the glory”? 

This podcast is about the lives of athletes who dedicated their blood, sweat, tears and passion to a game or sport for which they became identified as one of only a few to reach the ultimate level of achievement. Fewer still stay on top and all eventually have to walk away.  The athletes we interview are purposefully from all walks of life. After the Glory Podcast is committed to celebrating athletes from different races, religions, genders, sexualities, socio-economic status, disabilities, and ages.

Were they ready for the decades of life ahead of them?

What did they learn “After the Glory”?

We hope you will join us in this journey of storytelling, discovery, and legacy as we get to know these beloved athletes not through their lifetime statistics or as public commodities, but as individuals with a story to tell about real life. Please contact us for more information regarding advertisement and sponsorship opportunities. 


Gary N. Stern has been a lawyer in California since 1980. He is widely known as a lawyer’s lawyer, passionate about his clients, and equally passionate about bringing honor, dignity, and respect to the legal profession. In 2019, Gary opened his own law office, devoted to work as a mediator and consultant to other attorneys while continuing to handle a select number of cases as a consumer attorney for those damaged through general and professional negligence. Gary is married to Sandy and they have two great children; son Daniel, a teacher and daughter Laura (a retired professional figure skater and a guest on “After the Glory”), an event planner and real estate salesperson (plus, Gary is a doting granddad to Caleb, son of Daniel and his bride Tammy). Gary is also a Board member with Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

Lucy Tseng is a Life & Resilience Coach working with folks who are experiencing major changes, particularly athletes of all levels who are transitioning to life after sports. In 2012, she graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Asian American Studies, and Education Studies. In 2014, Lucy graduated from the University of San Francisco (Southern CA campus) with a Master’s Degree in Sport Management. Her master’s thesis was focused on building a comprehensive life skills program that included development training for student-athletes.
Shortly after grad school, Lucy was recruited to work for Environmental Charter Schools (ECS). In 2015, Lucy returned to her alma mater to contribute through the development team. To this day, she is a very active Bruin alumna and staff member. In July 2020, she was appointed as a Staff Advisor to the UC Board of Regents by President Janet Napolitano. Lucy’s breadth of experience has helped her discover her passion: being a resource to all people. More specifically, her purpose in life is to inspire and support others in finding, pursuing, and living their own passions and purpose.
Outside of working at UCLA and pursuing her passion as a Coach, Lucy is involved with several global and local nonprofit organizations. Lucy is passionate about living a lifestyle of natural healthcare and serves as a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA, an essentials oils company. Lucy also enjoys staying active and spending time with loved ones, including her furry children named @Tunechi_Kobe.

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